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Alicia Von der Wettern

Bachelor of Public Relations degree from UADE University.


She began his career in journalism at Revista Apertura and as a radio producer in Marcelo Longobardi´s program, "El mundo".


She was awarded with the "Professional Style Recognition" by the UP (Palermo University) for entrepreneurs in the PR area.


She founded Personally in 1986. Personally has been among the three top agencies of Argentina during the last 15 years and has more than 60 employees. It has also developed a regional network of independent agencies.


Personally advices leading companies such as Arcor, IBM, Procter & Gamble, PepsiCo, Fernet Branca, La Serenisima, Banco Itaú, Megatone / Musimundo, Carrier, Turner Group, SEB, Tetrapak, Schneider, in their public relations policies and communications.


The consultant that won more than 53 Eikon Awards, created a new area of Cultural Productions in 2011, through which exhibitions like Carlos Paez Villaró and Milo Lockett in Tigre Art Museum stood out in the same year.